The Community Care of North Carolina Toolkit


Community Care of North Carolina has grown from an idea conceived in 1998 by a handful of medical and state leaders in North Carolina into a national model for providing cost-effective care for our most vulnerable citizens.

Community Care is a private-sector initiative led by local medical practices and health professionals working hand-in-hand to care for members of their own communities. The strength of these local ties ensures that improvements in care are both sustained and expanded.

Built on the tenets of community-based care, private-sector control and medical homes, Community Care’s statewide network improves care delivered to more than one million enrollees each year.  North Carolina’s long-term investment in building an infrastructure to coordinate the effort has documented substantive improvements in the quality and cost-effectiveness of health care delivered through participating networks.

With the support of The Commonwealth Fund this site has been developed to provide a step-by-step guide to creating and managing programs similar to Community Care. Over the years, we’ve learned a number of valuable lessons about what works – and perhaps more importantly, what doesn’t. While each state’s situation will be unique, we are confident the best practices and sample resources provided on this site will give you a head start in getting a community-based system of care up and running.

The goal of providing better, more efficient and more cost-effective health care for our country’s most vulnerable individuals is a formidable challenge. But it is a challenge that we in North Carolina have readily accepted, and we’re proud to have made great strides toward meeting that goal. We sincerely hope this site will be a useful resource for those seeking guidance on how to tackle similar challenges in their own communities.

We are very grateful for The Commonwealth Fund’s support of our efforts to make this information readily accessible to those interested in learning from Community Care’s experience.


The Honorable Lanier M. Cansler
Secretary of the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services
May 2011